314902404_633af00996_m.jpgReflections: What Does Vietnam Mean? US History Project

North Shore Country Day School
Winnetka, Illinois, US
Kevin Randolph (krandolph@nscds.org)
Vinnie Vrotny (vrotny@nscds.org)
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Our next exploration into the relationship between words and images will focus on the tumultuous period of the 1960’s and the conflict that stirred a nation. Vietnam. We will be getting basic facts about the conflict and trying to answer questions about why the US got involved, what we hoped to accomplish, the geopolitical background in IndoChina, what successes and failures there were in Vietnam, why the US eventually abandoned Vietnam in 1975 and what the lessons of Vietnam are. An investigation of any historical topic is designed to yield information that might help to avoid future mistakes. This is particularly relevant, given the discussions in the last year about whether Iraq is turning into another Vietnam. You will also be reading an extraordinary book about Vietnam called, The Things They Carried (Tim O’Brien). The book, discussions about the book and documentaries we will watch are designed to give you a personal feeling about the war, and help drive home the point that despite the strategic and political implications, war affects individuals.


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Here is the form that you should follow in making a short film that will complete this assignment:
Select the general topic with a focus on answering the stated question
Dig for info about the topic including things you will cite.....this is requires more than just collecting images
Gather and sort information and let a title emerge
Plan the story you intend to tell by using the storyboard/script technique*
Visual Images
Select specific images that match the storyboard and sync them
Arrange the images, text, interview and narration segments into a rough, but coherent narrative
Select songs (or parts of songs) that will comprise the soundtrack
It is incumbent on the filmmaker to explain the vision….you should produce a 1-2 page explanation for your own benefit, as well as having something to turn in
You need to share your work with a larger audience for feedback