Here are some suggested resources to get you started:

ABC-Clio Social Studies - American History - Search [Vietnam war]
Use passwords for ABC-Clio from to get into this database at home
NOTE: Events, Images, Video, Maps, and Audio categories, particularly, in the results summary. Other sections may be equally useful depending upon your topic focus.

The Wars for Vietnam: 1945-1975(Vassar College)
Vietnam Online(PBS)
Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection
Search for reproductions of actual 60s / Vietnam era posters, flyers, and other documents, grouped by category (Vietnam protests, Feminism/Women’s Issues, Peace candidates, Racism, etc.). In each category, a thumbnail of the first page of the available documents will appear. To see all available pages, click the main image, then use sidebar links (Page 2, Page 3, etc.) to see the rest.
Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace
Experiences of the war from the Vietnamese perspective. Also, links to additional resources on the war ("Resources")
The Pacifica Radio/UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project: Anti-VietnamWar Protests in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond
Video, audio, links to additional documents and resources

(Mrs. Minnoch - Hall Library)

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Vietnam: Then and now [submitted by Mr. Curren] An excellent site from
It provides a timeline of US involvement, archived articles from The New York Times, and interesting information about Vietnam in 2000.