To create a 3 - 5 minute film that must use still photos, a musical soundtrack and text and which answers the question:

What does Vietnam mean 35 years later, particularly with respect to the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan?

The film may also include recorded narration (including a written script to turn in), credits and can have an interview segment.

Each group MUST produce a detailed storyboard, accompanying script if narration is going to be emplyed, a song list and a 2-3 page explanation of the film focusing on decisions that were made by the team with respect to sequencing and direction.

The final component of the project will be to individually view each film and provide specific feedback for each group. THIS IS A REQUIRED ELEMENT OF THE PROJECT.

All material used in the creation of this film must included in a citations sheet using MLA format. NoodleBib should be used to generate the citations. The citations should be incorporated to the image on your script or storyboard.

The assignment is worth 100 points.